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Cody Sabol, a highly acclaimed speed painter based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, garners national recognition for his remarkable talent. Specializing in creating incredibly realistic paintings, Cody astounds audiences by painting with his fingers in mere minutes. His captivating performances grace halftime shows, corporate events, fundraisers, ministry gatherings, weddings, and more.

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Cody, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, has been passionate about art since his earliest days with a crayon in hand. His artistic journey led him to Kentucky Christian University, where he excelled both academically and athletically, securing a scholarship in academics and football. During his college years, Cody pursued dual majors in Biblical Studies and Preaching. It was here that he discovered his unique talent for live speed painting, captivating audiences on campus and during chapel services.

Initially embarking on a career as a Youth Pastor, Cody eventually chose to dedicate himself entirely to his art in 2018. Since then, his artistic flair has taken him on a remarkable journey across the United States and beyond, showcasing his speed painting skills to a diverse array of audiences.

Cody's performances have graced prestigious events and venues, including the electrifying Formula 1 event in Miami, the adrenaline-fueled NASCAR race at Sonoma Raceway, an exciting engagement at PPG Paints Arena with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the illustrious New York Yankees Homecoming Dinner. His dynamic artistry and unique approach to speed painting continue to captivate and inspire audiences wherever he goes.

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